2020 - Germany - OUTSIDE - DAY
“Walking along almost empty streets, heads turning, attention fully focused on four civilian police officers, six masked and heavily armed special forces police officers and one seemingly inconspicious short haired, bearded man, later called Dschamīl, getting out of his regular grey coloured four-door car, german produced. Screaming: “Dschamīl! Stop! Police!” Officers, arms ready, pointed at him as he gets out of his car, pulling him to the ground onto his stomach as he screams full of panic: “I have asthma, I have asthma!” Alongside supposed friends of his, about twenty, stand by, documenting filmographically to use as evidence, to satisfy hunger for sensation, to produce social media content. Dschamīl gets handcuffed, taken away into dark pathways around the corner, while passerbys are still watching, filming. Now gone, invisivible, engulfed by the city’s streets, corners, pedestrian walkways, by a system.”